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How We Started?

All Kinds of Parties!

All Kinds of Parties!

It started with our brother Jason many years ago. He started in his college years and then grew his own business. His younger brothers, Tim and Brian, followed traditions and have succeeded in providing a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. DJ Smooth Crew keeps growing and becoming better than ever. We are ready to provide the most memorable moments.  

All Kinds of Parties!

All Kinds of Parties!

All Kinds of Parties!

We can do any occasion and play any kind of music! Including:

- Weddings 

- Graduations

- Sports

- School Dances

- Birthdays

- Charities 

- Holiday Parties

- Corporate Parties  

- Reunions 

- Other Events

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Why Choose Me?

All Kinds of Parties!

Why Choose Me?

DJ Smooth Crew was founded on tradition, and providing a fun and enjoyable environment for its customers. We want to help our customers create lasting memories. These memories can be as simple as a couple’s first dance or a big group singing together at the top of their lungs. Our enthusiasm and energy will create an atmosphere that will guarantee a good time!

Experience: Our energy, sociability, flexibility and professionalism lead to satisfied customers and a variety of events over the years.

Equipment and Music: We offer a wide variety of music, requests before and on-site are highly encouraged. Our top-quality equipment (lights, speakers and mixers) provides us with the tools to enhance your event visually and acoustically.

Scheduling: We are very flexible and are open to most time slots. 

Rates: Amounts can range depending upon travel and hours spent. 

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